How do Bloom & Birch flowers last?

After the flowers are fresh-cut from our farms, they immediately go through our hydro-preservation process. The blooms are preserved then re-hydrated through their stem with our proprietary biodegradable plant based solution.

Are the flowers safe?

We are proud to say that our flowers are completely safe & non-toxic.

How are the flowers scented?

Our flowers are infused with our custom blended rose oil which is 100% natural. Should you wish to have your arrangement unscented & hypoallergenic, please specify that in your order information.

Where do your flowers come from?

Our flowers are grown and harvested in South America.

Do the blooms really last an entire year?

You bet they do! The flowers will have an appearance of being freshly cut for over one year. In reality, they will still look beautiful for up to 3 years.

What happens to my flowers after a year? Not much will change with your arrangement, it will begin to take on more of a “preserved appearance” after the one year mark.

What sort of care is needed?

We promise this will be the most low maintenance part of your life. All these beauties need is to be kept indoors at moderate temperature (room temperature is best). They require zero water, they are best kept away from direct sunlight. Lightly blow or use a feather duster and very gently remove dust from the petals. Avoid touching since the oils can break down the biodegradable solution. Keep away from humidity or extreme cold. Last but not least, enjoy for many years to come!

How are your arrangements made?

Each and every floral creation is made by hand by Bloom & Birch florists. Our bespoke designs are freshly made upon order which is why no two will ever be the same. We can create custom designs for your home, business and create the perfect original pieces for your dream event.

Can they really save me money?

Due to the longevity of our product, many of our clients have expressed a tremendous cost savings off their annual floral budget.

Can I order a custom design?

Some of the most fun we have had is making our clients vision a reality! Our designers are ready to create stunning pieces for your home, business or event !

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

Since each and every piece is made upon order by hand we cannot accept refunds or exchanges. However, we want our customers to be happy so please take a photo of your piece upon delivery and send our customer service team a detailed note of why you want to return or exchange your item.
Please note, only damaged items via postal delivery will be considered for a refund of product and must be noted at the time of delivery after postal carrier is notified.

Do all the arrangements look exactly the same?

Since our flowers are all made by hand and are 100% real, there may be some variations in size, color , foliage, and overall look. Each and every arrangement is unique in that regard-no two will ever be exactly the same!

What happens if a petal(s) has fallen off my arrangement?

Bloom bouquets are 100% natural so you might see a petal or two fall off overtime. This is perfectly fine. When you receive your arrangement in our bloom box, you might see some moss or petals have fallen loose. Your arrangement is still perfectly intact and won’t compromise the beauty or integrity of the flowers.

What is the best way to open my Bloom Box?

Once the box is open, simply lift the large tabs up and lay the insert on a table (upright). Use the click release button on the pull tabs to unlock the ties on both the top and the bottom. Remove the protective sleeve and you’re done!
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