About Us

Message from the founder:

Flowers hold within them an emotion personal to each recipient. Flowers also have the ability to heal the soul- in my case after an emergency trip for my oldest son to Stanford Hospital for a very rare (and deadly) form of strep, they had the power to give me courage.

A dear friend sent me a gorgeous bouquet of roses with a note that simply said “don’t give up.” At that moment, it was the message I needed to move forward and have faith my boy would heal. Each night after he would fall asleep I would take a short walk only making it as far to Nordstrom ( just across the street). The Staff there was kind to me, they made me feel, for a second, my life wasn’t crumbling before me.

Suzanne Summers

I recall saying my mantra over and over in my head “in one year from today I will be in a better place and this will be a distant memory.” Thanks to the amazing Team at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital , my son did heal. As we packed up and checked out of the hospital to go home I vowed one day I would give back in a big way to this amazing hospital and to children and families who might need their own message of kindness.

What a difference a year makes…

Bloom & Birch began with a dream, and the intent that each rose becomes your message of hope, love, friendship, memories and courage. The eco-friendly brand was launched at Nordstrom Palo Alto & Nordstrom Valley Fair, and today we are so proud to be donating to Stanford Children’s Health-Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. We are also pleased to be a donor of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) inspired by the courageous battle of a very dear friends little boy.

What started with pure determination out of a home garage, has paved the way to truly making a sincere difference in bringing both joy and hope to children’s lives. Bloom and Birch flowers hydro-preserved using a plant based and biodegradable hydration serum and does their part to ensure our carbon footprint is extremely low. Our product requires zero sunlight and water, making it a very energy efficient brand. We are also very proud to have moved out of the garage and have offices in California, Miami and New Jersey with a dedicated team. We have also added  some movers & shakers we call Partners.

Each and every piece at Bloom & Birch is inspired by matters of the heart. We hope to be part of your memories for all the moments of magic in your life.

With gratitude,

Suzanne Summers

(833) 772 - 5666